Y Ahora Qué? An Spanish expression used when you do not know what is coming next.

A house, 910 metres of rope, and four women in different vital moments. Paula, who doesn´t like confrontation; Susana, irremediably inflexible; Eva, compeletly desperate for a baby, and Magda, an older painter which experience will be usefull for the rest of the group. With this four, anything can happen! Surreal situations, a poetic touch, and a beautiful set made by ropes where the artist will make beautiful coreographies, as well as other circus aerial techniques.

Now that I need to take a vital decition

now that my body is no longer what it was

now that I like who am I

now that I understand that my weakness it is also my strenght.

Y Ahora Qué? Was awarded with the Audience Price, at Artescena Festival, Ávila.