Mahmud and not just Mahmud tells a true story through words, acrobatics and live songs. It’s the story of a young Senegalese man who leaves his hometown in search of work in a neighboring country, which he finds it is a middle of a civil war. What was supposed to be a relatively straightforward journey turns into a nightmare  because of the consequences of colonialism and the lack of legal pathways for safe mobility,  not to mention European funding to countries like Niger and Morocco for controlling migratory movement, plus labor exploitation and racism.



The Madrid-based company Puntocero Company has assembled a talented multidisciplinary team, under the direction of Zenaida Alcalde, to bring to the stage the version of the book Partir para contar by Mahmud Traoré and Bruno le Dantec. The book narrates Traoré’s journey to his current residence in Spain. With a cast of five circus and theater artists – actor Chumo Mata, actress and hip-hop singer Dnoe Lamiss, and acrobats Elvis Kyengo Kakiti, Colins Ouna Opiyo and Joel Bwana Anabaka – along with visual dramaturgy and the direct and profound textual adaptation by Silvia Albert Sopale, this production seeks to share and advocate Mahmud’s story, and not just Mahmud.